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Drawing from a background in modern techniques - such as; Gaga, Limon, Horton and release technique, as well as contemporary ballet - Carissa takes a multipurpose and versatile approach towards her teachings of contemporary-modern dance. 


Songhorian has rigorously trained in RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) testing since the beginning of her dance career, and has performed pre-professionally with the Mariinsky Ballet, State Street Ballet, and Los Angeles Youth Ballet. This very strict lifestyle greatly influences her classical ballet teachings.

Carissa works as a Dance Specialist for Arts Integration Workshops for Public Schools and Educator Conferences; including conferences for Center Theatre Group's promotion of Matthew Bourne's Cinderella at the Music Center, Community Arts Partnership's workshop for LAUSD, and as a panel member for the LA County Department of Arts and Culture. 

She also regularly teaches Pre-Pointe, Pointe, and Repertoire classes. 


To mentor students in both dance and in living a disciplined and healthy lifestyle, by promoting a nurturing environment where challenges and achievements are one and the same.


Carissa Songhorian teaches private lessons that are geared towards the individual. All dancers (and non-dancers) require different strategies for growth, and physical as well as mental health. In order to address these needs, Carissa implements Pilates methods, yoga practices, and stretching and strengthening exercises in both her Modern and Classical Ballet privates. 

Private Lessons include: 

  • Ballet

  • Conditioning

  • Contemporary 

  • Modern 

  • Pointe 

  • Pre-Pointe 

  • Solo Work: Ballet Variations (*for dance competitions)

  • Solo Work: Contemporary (*for dance competitions) 


NOTE: If you are contacting Carissa for the first time regarding a private lesson, then please email her or send her a note here. If you would like a more personalized approach to the introductory session, then make sure to include a brief video of yourself dancing. 

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