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"In the most successful piece of the night, choreographer Songhorian explored religion as it affects the human experience...Songhorian's vision was clear and unified."

-LA Dance Chronicle

"Songhorian is compelling and sympathetic, revealing her pain and terror through precise and poignant physical expression."

-Stage Raw

"Carissa Songhorian, who played Johanna, choreographed several sequences that were extremely powerful and complimented the artistic essaence of the show quite beautifully. Her dancing was phenomenal! A fabulous piece of theatre."

-Anne Johnstonbrown

"The strength of this work was the care that these two artists put into the detail of the entire production...The black and beige costumes, the white insect-like helmet and the cushioned high back chair, caused this work to border on becoming surreal." 

-LA Dance Chronicle

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