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Saz-E Tanha


May 20th, 2020. 


Saz-E Tanha (translated as "the only instrument") began as a collaboration between Carissa Songhorian and composer and musician, Misaq Eshaghi. After being approached by Eshaghi to create a dance film that would best represent his new track played in the Persian Kamancheh, Songhorian sought to find deeper meaning through movement - especially during the COVID-19 crisis. 

With no crew to assist with filming, lighting, costuming, or a dancer to perform due to social distancing, Songhorian had to discover new ways to self-film. After multiple takes, what was originally meant to be an interpretation of the music, became a personal discovery about the mental stresses of being confined indoors, of job insecurity, and fear of death during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Choreography, Direction, Performance

Carissa Songhorian 


Misaq Eshaghi 

Lighting, Cinematography, Costume 

Carissa Songhorian

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