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Mixed Body


Premiered at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA on March 29th and 30th of 2019 as part of "Best of" New Shoes.


20 minutes


Mixed Body is a very personal piece to me, and is, by far, the most truthful I have ever been as a choreographer. As a multiracial person in America, feeling comfortable in my body and in my roots was always a challenge. Being part Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern, I never quite fit into a "category," and thus always struggled to find acceptance within a society that has valued the separation and segregation of peoples well throughout history. Though it was a more obvious and blunt distance in the past, discrimination manifests quietly now. But it is very much still alive.

Initially, the goal of this project was to raise the audience's awareness of themselves, culture, and society. But now, I invite you to see through my eyes. Through the eyes of a child of two immigrants. Through the eyes of someone who never found their "category." Feel what I feel, and understand that even though we are different, we are still the same.


Choreography & Direction

Carissa Songhorian 


Misaq Eshaghi

with additional sound design by Carissa Songhorian

featuring Josefina Montano, Farzad Songhorian, Marites Montano-Fowler, and Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat


Lighting Design

Briana Pattillo


Kate Coleman, Joan H. Padeo, Alan Perez, Carissa Songhorian


Carissa Songhorian 


Will Haraldson


Tom Tsai

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